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Congress is inching closer toward lifting the lid on secret UFO data, held by the government for years, after a major hearing on sightings of unusual aerial objects.

Congress pushes for UAP/UFO transparency. Wednesday's hearing took place amid a growing willingness by lawmakers to demand the military and intelligence agencies release more about what they know ...Here is how it works for those that don’t know: 1). Reporter finds an interesting story and writes about it. 2). Editor comes of with an eye-catching photo and headline that likely …

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UFO/UAP subreddit meant primarily for common discussions relating to UFOs. This includes discussion on recent news articles, scientific papers, and even social media. 3 Members 3 Online. · 2 hours ago. Time.com | Witness Tells Congress 'Nonhuman Biologics' Were Found at Alleged UFO Crash Sites | July 26th UFO hearing.The questions Congress should — but didn’t — ask about UFOs by Christopher Mellon, opinion contributor - 05/31/22 7:30 AM ET ... the recent congressional UAP hearing was an historic event ...The UFO hearing Wednesday and its explosive charges show that Congress and UFO enthusiasts have been all too willing to accept witness reports at face value when we know eyewitness testimony is ...

Frankly, this place is the best place on the internet for UFO content, but it's also a place where you get turned off the UFO community because of how desperate people are to believe. We have had "DNA evidence" of everything from bigfoot to giants that people argued about for years before a scientist did a basic test on it and debunked it on ... Speaking on Fox News on Sunday, John Ratcliffe, who served as the U.S. intelligence chief between 2020 and 2021, declined to go into detail about the veracity of the allegations, citing national ...Kirkpatrick publicly revealed the Five Eyes gathering last week while speaking at a public conference hosted by NASA. "I have just held our first Five Eyes forum on this subject," Kirkpatrick said.They carry hearings in their entirety without news desk anchors breaking in with Breaking News then resuming without showing what you’ve missed while they clamored. The closest thing you’ll get to actually being in the chamber. Some adverts have the hearing starting at 9:30 and others at 10:00. I’m turning in at 9:30.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.It was filmed 10 years ago, at the "Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure," held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. As was reported by The Washington Post at the time, the event was not a ...Jun 9, 2023 ... Amongst the most prominent UFO circles, there has been a general belief that disclosure of alien life to the public would happen between now ... ….

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The original unofficial subreddit for Lake Powell; Lake Powell is an artificial reservoir on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona, United States.Congress holds hearing on alleged secret UFO recovery program. When Harry Vanderspeigle (Alan Tudyk) first became the Resident Alien (streaming now on Peacock !) of Patience, Colorado, his attempts to blend in as an eccentric doctor are thrown into upheaval when the mayor’s son is able to see his true alien form.

Key takeaways from the US congressional hearing on UFOs. As Congress pursues the study of mysterious sightings, retired US whistleblower reveals alleged …A subreddit for the serious discussion of UFOs and related phenomena, ... With the US Congressional hearing shortly. ... r/ufo • Congress Initiates Plan To Reveal Recovered ‘Technologies Of Unknown Origin And Biological Evidence Of Non-Human Intelligence’ — Liberation Times ...

are you eligible for exemption from tax withholding A community for discussion related to Unidentified Flying Objects. Share your sightings, experiences, news, and investigations. We aim to elevate good research while maintaining healthy skepticism. Created Mar 11, 2008. Congress UFO hearing: Military database now includes 400 reported incidents That's up from 143 incidents in a report issued in 2021. A database of reports of UFOs now includes about 400 incidents, up from 143 assessed in a report released about a year ago, a Navy intelligence official told lawmakers at a congressional hearing on Tuesday. pathfinder indesign0900 pst to est Sgt. Clifford Stone participated in missions to recover UFOs or Alien Spaceships that crashed on Earth and says he found bodies, some still with life. "The US Government Has More Than 50 Alien Species Cataloged!" phillips 66 arena r/UFOs • 1 yr. ago by JAM_Library The Congressional Hearing UAP Videos Given the US DoD's annual budget exceeding $750 billion paying for high tech sensors, imaging … shockers soccerku football game this weekendwhat class do clams belong to Saltzman in a prepared statement said the Space Force currently tracks approximately 47,900 objects in space, a 16% growth in objects from 2021 to 2022. Of those objects, 7,100 are active payloads ... goldwater v carter July 26, 2023, 3:15 PM PDT. By Michael Mitsanas. Three former military officials told Congress Wednesday that they believe the government knows much more about UFOs than it is telling the public ...UFO online chatter and Reddit forums are convinced The New York Times has another explosive story ready for Sunday or Monday. But for now, lets enjoy the moment. US News Powerball winning numbers ... liberty biwlxbox design lab promo code redditbudig hall So many ufo zealots here… it has proven to be fake years ago… this is fact. It is ridiculous that this was allowed at a hearing as it only makes people like me pull back more in disbelief. If you have proof, make sure it’s real… don’t get lazy and roll out fake bodies that have been proven to be fake for years.r/HighStrangeness. Explorations of the Paranormal, UFOs, Ancient Cultures, Cryptozoology, Consciousness, Futurism, Fringe Science, Anomalies, Animal Mutilations, and instances of High Strangeness. 707K Members 3.7K Online. · 7 hours ago. One of the Revelations of the Hearing on UFOs in the US Congress! 1.3K upvotes · 460 comments.